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At Ramos Studio we capture your wedding story moments with beautiful intimacy. Whether you desire a photojournalistic, fine art, modern, traditional, sexy, adventurous, fun, or a blend of styles--Seppi and his team deliver with more than twenty-five years of professional wedding and special event photography capturing your special moments that will enhance the memories of your unique wedding. Once you bring Seppi and the Ramos Studio crew onto your wedding team get ready to enjoy the process. Seppi takes the time to understand your desires and vision and truly focuses on his couples. The Ramos Studio team go the extra mile as they capture your wedding day the way you want. They unobtrusively mingle into the wedding day to capture all the moments from the quiet to the loud on your day of celebration. From soft to dramatic flair and edge, Seppi, along with his team, work with you to create a wedding adventure that incorporates your personalities and story in images that you will treasure forever.

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