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Cabo San Lucas

Adding some flavor of Cabo San Lucas as I walk around the night before Stephanie & Ty's wedding ay Pueblo Bonito Pacifica on Saturday.

More photo's to come!

For now know that the food at Las Guacamayas is FANTASTIC!

Please eat there and ask for Jesse, he will hook you up!

Not only is Jesse a fantastic host he is a conosure of all things Baja.

Looking for that perfect fishing trip, BOOM! Jesse has you covered.

I told him about being down here to shoot the area and how I wanted to capture the genuine local culture and he went to work!

I'm now all set with a rental motorcycle for Sunday and a trip to San Jose along the coast... and all I was after were taco's!

Jesse takes being a host to a level that only the finest establishments demand and he does it so naturally.

Ok, enough gushing, here's some street Cabo!

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