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Your photography check list


Now that we have a good idea for your style and the flow of your wedding day, here are some additions you may want to consider.

Some things you may like to add:


2nd photographer?

Engagement session?

Rehearsal dinner?

Post-wedding session?

Wedding album?

Prints or a print credit?

Anniversary session?

You can take advantage of extra discounts by adding items to your package before the wedding!  Let us know if you're interested in any additions.

From here we'll work on a rough timeline and put your quote together based on everything we just went over.

We'll email your quote along with your photography agreement so you can look it over, talk together and ask any questions you may have.

If everything works and you're ready to book you can simply sign and pay your deposit right from the quote we send over, EZPZ!

The deposit is 25% of the package total.

The balance is due 15 days before the wedding day.

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