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Your photography check list

Wedding day flow

Sometimes it's easier to break your wedding day down into manageable, bite size bits. 

Before the wedding day

There are a few opportunities before the big day for photography. 

Engagement session

An engagement session happens well before the wedding day.  These sessions can help you get comfortable with your photographer and they also give your photographer a chance to learn how you connect as a couple before the business of the big day.

Plus, you get photos you can use for your save the dates, guest book, decorations, wedding web site, and more!

Are you interested in an engagement session?

Rehearsal dinner

Some rehearsals are quick and simple while others are more involved with speeches, special events, and more.

If your rehearsal is going to be a fun event, do you want photography for part or the whole time?

The wedding day

Starting your day

A wedding day can start off a number of ways, here are some things to think about:

Will you be having a pre-wedding event on the big day that you want photography for?  For example a family brunch or golf game.

Will you want to start your photography with your getting ready photos?  Do you want us with you right from the start or after hair & make-up but before getting into your dress/suit?

Ok, you're ready, now what?

Do you want to do a first look session or would you prefer not to see each other until the ceremony?

Next big question is one photographer or two?  A second photographer can provide another point of view during the first look and ceremony.

First look or Not

If you're doing a first look, do you want it to be just the two of you or do you want to have family & friends around?  

If you're waiting to see each other until the ceremony the timeline will be shorter for your other photos.

Here are some things to consider:

Wedding party photos?

How many in wedding party?

Immediate family photos?

How many on each side?

Extended family photos?

How many groups & how big?

Will you want the license signing photographed?

Anything else?

The Reception

Tell us a little about your expectations for the reception.  Are there any important family traditions we should consider?

Will you be doing...

A dinner?


Cake/dessert cutting?

First dance?

Parent dances?

Garter toss?

Bouquet toss?

Any other dances?

The Exit

Will you be doing an official exit at the end of the night?

If so, what are you doing?

If not doing an exit, about how much time, once the traditions are done, do you want photography coverage?

Until the end of the night?


Just a bit into the dancing and end before things get, um...sloppy ;-)

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